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A Guide To Buy & Style A Leather Bomber Jacket

A Guide To Buy & Style A Leather Bomber Jacket

This bomber jacket buying guide will take you through the history of bomber jackets and how they got their name and cover both where to buy them and how to style this fantastic wardrobe essential.

What are bomber jackets?

A conventional bomber jacket sits at waist length and has a ribbed waistband. Usually, the cuffs of the coat are also ribbed. Finally, the style is finalized with a front zipper and four usable top and side pockets. The most trendy bomber jackets we find today are made from leather but can also be made from polyester, nylon, and cotton.

A traditional bomber jacket had a sizeable wrap-around collar that provided extra protection for the neck and ears, but modern coat variations don't always exhibit this feature.

Why do we call them bomber jackets?

Dobbs Industries designed these jackets for the U.S. Air Force and Navy fighter pilots during the first world war. Its early name was the flight jacket, and it met the functional needs of a warm, durable, and weather-resistant jacket for pilots. The tight bands around the waist, wrist, neck and a durable weather-resistant exterior were obligatory. The design was revised during World War II, but variations were not so significant. Because of this history, the bomber jacket can therefore be attributed to the military pilots who flew aircrafts such as bomber planes.

Over the years, many styles of flight and bomber jackets were crafted. These were made in sheepskin in the USA, and model jackets were leather lined with wool, cotton, or silk.

Why bomber jackets earned so much fame?

Bomber jackets became a popular public attire around the 1960s. Since then, almost all famous brands have created bomber jackets and continue to feature the basic design repeatedly in their designer clothing range, helping to maintain its position as the renowned outfit till day.

Another reason for their popularity is that it is flattering for everyone. With the ribbed waistband girding your waist in yet keeping a wide shoulder, the figure it creates is admirable on all body types.

Last but not least, the bomber jacket is the best mid-season outfit because it's not heavy like a coat. Yet, it provides a layer of heat to your dressing. So, if the weather is not much warm, this outfit is convenient. 

Like the leather coat and the leather moto jacket, the bomber jacket is an all-time favorite and chic outwear that always remains in vogue.

How to style a bomber jacket

You can sport a bomber jacket with almost everything. From jeans and chinos to boots and sneakers – they are flexible enough to dress up or dress down, according to the needs of an occasion.

The cowhide bomber jacket is an eternal and authentic option. Brown leather will provide you with the most versatility, but black also looks classic and smart. In addition, leather bomber jackets offer excellent protection from the elements, and you can pair them with any casual staples, so you can make the best use of this type of jacket when the weather is a little cold.

A combination of a brown leather bomber with chinos and a white button-up shirt gives you a classic look that is perfect and shiny in any situation.

Extra tips and tricks for sporting a bomber jacket:

A bomber jacket looks incredible with casual pieces such as lightweight woolen sweaters and checked shirts

Choose a jacket cut closer to your chest for a modern fit, with less room in the sleeves. Remember that the shoulders of the jacket should not be tight. 

The cuffed wrists should not be causing the sleeves to bunch too much, and the lower of the jacket must be reaching your natural waistline for a flattering figure.

Don't purchase an over-sized or undersized jacket– It must be loose enough to zip it up over a light layer of base clothing.

Your shirt shouldn't be hanging much more than an inch below your bomber jacket for a chic look. Either tuck in a shirt if it is too long or wear a shirt around the same length as the jacket. 

It is an innovative wardrobe essential that goes with so many outfits yet always looks stylish and innovative.

Iconic bomber jacket styles

bomber jackets are drenching the theater and television, and it has been this way for many decades, which only emphasizes that this style never goes out of trend. Remarkably, James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause (1955) – who layers the iconic red blouson adaptation, Steve McQueen sports in The Great Escape (1963), Jack Nicholson flaunts in The Shining (1980), and super-hit Ryan Gosling in Drive (2011).

The bomber jacket has won its place in both men's and women's fashion and popular style for years and has no clues of disappearing by now.

Where can I buy a bomber jacket? 

There are a few options when purchasing a bomber jacket. As they are ageless and for all seasons, bomber jackets, particularly the blouson type, are showcased in all famous high street stores for most of the year. 

If you're looking for a high-quality leather bomber jacket as an asset that will endure all the tests of time, then look no further than our collection. 

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