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A Guide to Genuine Leather Shirts

A Guide to Genuine Leather Shirts

Usually, people think that only jackets are made from leather. After all, leather jackets are among the most famous men’s and women’s outerwear styles. They’ve been around for nearly a century, featuring a genuine leather construction. This is the only reason for their popularity.

However, in recent years, leather shirts have made their place among fashion-conscious men and women. Like conventional leather jackets, they are made of organic leather. The only difference is that leather shirts are typically worn without anything underneath, whereas leather jackets are worn over a shirt or top. Here is a guide on a chic and modern leather shirt style.

What are Leather Shirts made of?

Leather shirts are tailored to genuine leather. Different types of leather are used in manufacturing leather shirts, each of which has its own unique characteristics. Some types of leather are softer, for example than other types. Therefore, if you’re hoping to achieve a superior comfort level, always opt for a leather shirt made of good quality, genuine leather.

Napa leather is probably the highest-quality type of leather on the planet. Originating in Napa, California, it has excellent grains, making it softer and less rough than other kinds of leather. So leather shirts made of napa leather are a perfect choice. 

Remember that faux leather shirts aren’t made of genuine leather. Therefore, you can pay less for a faux leather shirt than a genuine one.

Leather Shirt Colors

You might be pondering what colors leather shirts are available in. Black and brown are the two prominent popular colors for cowhide shirts. Brown cowhide shirts give a classic appearance that matches most other colors, whereas black leather shirts offer a slightly more modern appearance that goes with most other colors.

These shirts are showcased in other colors too—for example, some people like white leather shirts. Like black and brown, white is a timeless classic color with nearly every color. But, indeed, these are just a few of the many colors in which leather shirts are made. In addition, we offer leather shirts in dozens of colors, allowing you to choose the perfect color that matches your stylish personality.

Short-Sleeve vs. Full-Sleeve Leather Shirts

Both short-sleeve and long-sleeve leather shirts are available. So, which type should you choose?

It depends on the time and situation you want to put on your leather shirt. If you’re thinking of wearing it during a hot summer or a pleasant spring season, you should probably go for a short-sleeve leather shirt. On the other hand, you should probably pick a full-sleeve leather shirt if you intend to wear it during the autumn and cold winter seasons. It will keep you cool during hot weather and warm during cold weather.

Pants I can Wear with a Leather Shirt 

Leather shirts are highly versatile. In other words, you can layer them with various outfits. So, what kind of pants can you wear with a leather shirt?

Leather pants are a great versatile choice to pair with a leather shirt. Like leather shirts, they are made of natural leather. Therefore, they match pretty much any other leather outfit with which you pair them.

You can try denim jeans with a leather shirt. A pair of high-quality denim jeans offer a classic and timeless look that complements the chic of a cowhide shirt.

How to clean a Leather Shirt

If you’re planning to purchase a leather shirt, you’ll need to know how to clean it. Unfortunately, with its genuine leather construction, you can’t wash it in the washing machine. So putting your leather shirt in the washing machine may technically clean it, but it could cause permanent damage. So instead, it’s better to spot cleaning your leather shirt.

When you see a stain on your shirt, use warm water and any mild dish cleaner to clean it. Next, use the damp washcloth to clean the surface of your leather shirt. It would be best to clean most stains and blemishes utilizing this method with some work.

Like other leather garments and accessories, it’s essential to condition your leather shirt regularly. Apply a leather conditioner.

Pair it with a Leather Jacket

Contrary to what some people believe, it’s lovely to wear a leather jacket over a leather shirt. This combination gives a high-end style that’s not found elsewhere. However, the important thing to keep in mind is that your leather shirt should flow cohesively with your leather jacket. They don’t necessarily have to feature the same color and type of leather, but your leather shirt and leather jacket should go cohesively together to create an attractive appearance.

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