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The Best Cushions for a Leather Sofa

The Best Cushions for a Leather Sofa
Leather sofas are easy to maintain and popular among those with young children, pets, and singles who love eating pizza and whatnot while watching the television every night. Many of my customers have dark leather sofas in their homes but express frustration at such a sofa's dull and bachelor-pad look.
The suitable pillows can drastically improve ANY sofa, which is true for a dark cowhide sofa. But you have to consider a few tips about the RIGHT kind of pillows to look for. For example, here's the 'before" state of my customer very comfortable leather sofa:
Comfy, yes. But not very chic. We went for a shopping trip with a sharp focus on finding just the suitable cushions for this comfy cowhide sofa, along with other things.
Once the decision was made for the chairs for the same room with blue and green upholstery, we agreed on sofa pillows in different hues of blue.
So here's what we search for when selecting cushions for a leather sofa:
Cushions that are in light neutrals or COLOR (to contrast the dark leather, down-filled pillows, and pillows featuring textured and colorful fabric.
Please stay away from any smooth fabric (like silk) because it will slip right off of cowhide onto the floor, and that's all kinds of irritating. The same is true of poly-filled pillows. Instead, it would be best to have a heavier pillow that would hold its shape and not slip off the leather. And to lighten up the darkness of a dark leather sofa, lighter neutrals, or any bold COLOR is undoubtedly the way to select cushions.
Since there you also have a leather rocker in the room, we chose a matching throw to lighten up and add style and chic.
The variation of blues and texture works beautifully on the warm leather.
I'll explain to you more of this fantastic redo of my client's room soon, but sometimes it's essential to teach a few specific lessons, like this cushions-on-leather-sofa one – so it's not just about beautiful pictures around here.
Speaking of lessons, my next blog is this, and I can't wait! If you couldn't get in on this course, stay tuned for the dates for our next blog in the coming few days. In the meanwhile, you may be interested in my workshop videos on choosing a paint color, arranging furniture and art, or staging living rooms. Or maybe you'd like to read one of the most popular professional home staging books, the designers' home decorating secrets, or perhaps the Homeseller Version. Keep learning and growing, my friends!

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